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What is cable cutting? Create configuration ? How to use cable cutters in daily life

If you are looking for a genuine cutting machine to use for your work, please continue reading this article. Here, EMIN will provide you with all the information about the configuration, different types of Cutting Pliers, as well as explain why everyone needs to have such a device these days. Let's explore!

So what are cap cutters?

Today, with the advancement of technology, many modern devices have appeared that significantly support the processing and production process. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the cable cutters. These are specialized tools, designed to cut and segment strong cables, made from one or more small fibers of metal material.This device was born and introduced from abroad in the early years of the 20th century. After continuous research and improvement, today, it has a simpler shape, more compact size, with Sharp cutting blades help users apply enough force to cut cables and wires, including the toughest types.

What are the uses of cap cutting pliers?
These pliers are designed to cut various metal wires, cables, and wires. Depending on the type of pliers, users can cut cables with one core or multiple cores. Today, with a pair of versatile and quality pliers, workers can cut many types of cables with all different materials. During work, you only need to use 1-2 pairs of pliers, without needing to spend a lot of effort or money. Some people also use this type of pliers to strip and strip cable sheaths, wire sheaths, cut leather, or cut plastic... However, we recommend that users only use this device to cut cables. and the types of wire materials recommended by the manufacturer. If you try to cut materials that are too hard with pliers, it will result in uneven cuts and quickly damage the pliers.

Structure of cap cutting pliers
A cable cutter will be composed of many parts as follows:

Upper cutting blade Top blade attachment Clamp pin Pliers head Lower cutting blade Plier body Hand pump Place where pressure escapes Main handle These parts are meticulously machined to perfectly fit and connect with each other, forming a complete device.

Classify types of pliers
Based on the operating principle, cable cutters are divided into two main types: mechanical and hydraulic.

Mechanical cable cutting pliers
This type of mechanical cable cutter is easy to use and has an affordable price, so it is widely used. With a low initial investment, users can immediately own a useful device without needing any additional tools.

This device uses human strength to operate, so it is only suitable for cutting soft, easily broken and small cables. It is specially designed for cable systems with wire diameters that are not too large, often used in households, or in small and medium-sized businesses, companies and factories. Its biggest advantage is its simple structure, reasonable price and easy to buy at stores and agents.

Hydraulic cable cutting pliers
This type of pliers is classified based on the hardness of the cable and has many different types in terms of cutting ability and working features. On the market, there are many different models and prices. Currently, there are two most popular types of hydraulic cable cutters: Hydraulic cable cutting pliers use a separate hydraulic pump: This type has the advantage of being convenient, easy to use and cost-effective. A built-in separate hydraulic pump allows users to cut cables effectively. Hydraulic cable cutting pliers with integrated hydraulic pump: The strengths of this type are convenience, ease of use and cost savings. The built-in hydraulic pump allows users to cut cables effectively. This type of pliers is suitable for cutting fiber optic cables and small electrical wires and has not too high hardness. With its compact design, it can be used in narrow and unfavorable spaces. Light weight makes it easy for users to move and use.

Why should you choose to use cap cutters?

Cables are getting thicker

Why choose cutting pliers instead of other equipment? The reason lies in the remarkable progress of information and telecommunications technology, creating giant electrical network systems.
Cables are the central axis in the transmission and circulation of electric current, ensuring seamless connection. As the amount of power increases, the structural requirements of the wire also change significantly.
To optimize power transmission and reduce the risk of obstruction to electric current, there are three ways to do it: Reduce wire length, increase cross-section and use wire with low-resistance materials. Among them, the use of copper - the material with the lowest resistance - is still popular. Reducing the wire length is not possible. For that reason, increase the resistance wire cross-section thành một lựa chọn không thể thiếu.

The important role of cable cutters
With today's thicker wires and cables, dividing and cutting them requires equipment that provides powerful cutting force. This is also the reason why hydraulic cable cutters were invented. Users will enjoy the convenience when cutting cables with large cross-sections. The cut is sharp, precise and saves a lot of effort and time. This is exactly what customers expect from a device like hydraulic cable cutters, and is also the role it plays.

When using cable cutters, please note the following

To use electric cable cutters effectively, do not ignore the following six important notes:

Read the directions carefully before use: Each manufacturer will provide a catalog and instructions for use. Careful reading will help you master information about technical specifications, storage and use to ensure optimal effectiveness. Always keep your hands away from the blade of the knife at a distance: This note helps protect your hands and avoid injury from sharp cutting blades. Only used to cut cable, not used to cut steel: Cable cutters are designed to cut other materials, not steel. Steel has higher hardness, so you need to use specialized steel cutting pliers.

The latch of the pliers must be completely closed: Not closing properly or not closing tightly will lead to damage to the tip of the cutting pliers when used. Always wear protective glasses and gloves when working: During the cutting process, copper or plastic debris may be ejected from the cut. Wearing protective glasses and gloves is essential to protect your health. Clean tools after use: Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off any dirt or impurities on the cutters. This makes preservation easier, increases longevity and ensures that future uses also go smoothly.

Where to buy reputable cable cutting pliers?

To buy quality and reputable cable cutters, you can refer to all types of products, not just cable cutters at EMIN. EMIN provides a variety of industrial products and hand tools, including cable cutters from famous brands such as ASAKI, Fujiya, Licota and Stanley. These are brands recognized for their high quality and reliability in the industry.

Product portfolio:
Kìm cắt cáp ASAKI AK-8182

Kìm điện STANLEY STHT84029-8

Kìm cắt tiêu chuẩn Fujiya 60S-150

Kìm cắt cáp LICOTA TPT-20045

Kìm trợ lực cắt cáp điện ASAKI AK-8402

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Cable cutting pliers ASAKI AK-8182

Asaki AK-8182 10"/250mm electric cable cutting pliers is a high quality product, specially designed for cutting wires and cables in the telecommunications industry, electrical appliance repair, assembly, electronics...
Application Flexible use in home and industry, helping you complete work faster and more efficiently. With high carbon steel material, Asaki AK-8182 cable cutters are extremely sturdy and resistant, ensuring long-term durability.
Made from high-quality stainless steel, the product is resistant to corrosion, does not rust, helps with long-term use and increases longevity, especially in different environments.

The hard pliers are highly heat treated, wear resistant and highly sharp. Precise, sharp pliers blades cut quickly, easily cutting wires and cables without worrying about the pliers breaking or deforming.

The handle is covered with soft plastic to create a smooth and comfortable feeling when used. Designed to fit the handle, with high friction to help ensure the handle does not slip during repairs, ensuring user safety.
saki AK-8182 10"/250mm electric cable cutter also has a compact and lightweight design, convenient to carry or store in a toolbox.

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