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5 Reasons Why Tektronix Scopes are Reliable and Trusted

The Tektronix TBS1000, TBS2000, and MSO/DPO2000 oscilloscopes, like all other Tektronix scopes, are backed by a 5-year warranty. They offer this warranty because they’re confident in the unmatched reliability and quality of Tektronix scopes built based on their commitments that Scopes should be Built to Last!

5 Reasons Why Tektronix Scopes are Reliable and Trusted 

1 – Expertise and Quality Built-In

The same designers, control, manufacturing and quality processes are used across their entire range of scopes. So whether you’re purchasing a scope for $400 or $400 000, you’re getting world-leading design and quality control expertise.

2 – Proprietary ASICs & Top-Quality Parts:

Tektronix scopes use proprietary ASICs, which benefit from years of scope chip design expertise. This keeps performance high, minimizes power consumption and heat, and reduces parts count. Tek scopes also use industrial grade liquid crystal displays, which offer increased brightness, better viewing characteristics, and longer life compared to the consumer-grade displays used in some entry-level oscilloscopes.

They only work with trusted and audited suppliers to ensure their scopes are built with top-quality parts. They employ strict policies and procedures to prevent counterfeit material entering their supply chain, so all components are guaranteed to be authentic.

3 – 100 Quality Checkpoints

Your Tektronix scope is proudly built by experienced technicians in their factory in Shanghai, China. Each scope is tested at over 100 checkpoints to make sure it meets guaranteed specs, with room to spare. Quality testing begins in Tek’s own labs, where specialized engineers rigorously test each design to ensure that it meets tough reliability standards and environmental specifications, as well as international norms.

4 – Tek Scopes Meet International Standards for Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Environmental Compliance

Tek has engineers on staff who specialize in compliance with safety standards, electromagnetic compatibility standards, environmental compliance, and other regulations. Testing is done in one of their in-house safety labs, and designs are subjected to highly accelerated life testing to identify and eliminate failure modes during the design process.

5 – Global Support and Service

Once it leaves their factory, your basic scope is backed by their global network of service centers. Customer problems reported through their call lines, sales, and website are instantly reported throughout the company, and any problems that go unresolved are escalated.

If your scope ever experiences any issues, they have service labs located around the world offering calibration and rep

Bonus Reason – Continuous Improvement

Even though the failure rates on their basic scopes are very low, they continuously work to reduce them even further. Everyone at Tek tracks quality metrics daily, from engineers to technicians to managers. As problems come up, they are analyzed in teams to get to the root cause, and countermeasures are put in place to improve their processes even more.

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