HIOKI P2000 直流高压探头 (2000 VDC)

Maximum input voltage: DC 2000 V

Maximum rated line-to-ground voltage: 1000 V (Measurement Category IV), Anticipated transient overvoltage 12000 V

                                                               2000 V (Measurement Category III), Anticipated transient overvoltage 15000 V

Input resistance: 20 MΩ ±5.0% (between INPUT H and INPUT L, when OUTPUT terminal is open)

Overload protection: 2200 V DC/2200 V AC (applied for 1 minute) (between INPUT H and INPUT L)

                                 600 V DC/600 V AC (applied for 1 minute) (between OUTPUT H and OUTPUT L)

OUTPUT terminal: 4 mm banana terminal

Operating temperature: -25°C to 65°C (-13°F to 149°F)

Operating humidity: -25°C to 40°C (-13°F to 104°F): 80% RH or less (non-condensing)

                                 40°C to 65°C (104°F to 149°F): Linearly reduces from 80% RH or less at 40°C (104°F) to 25% RH or less at 65°C (149°F) (non-condensing)

Storage temperature and humidity range: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F) 90% RH or less (non-condensing)

Standards: EN 61010

Included accessories: Connection Cable Set L4943 ×1, Strap with buckle ×2, Strap ×1, Carrying Case C0205 ×1, Instruction Manual ×1, Operating Precautions ×1



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