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EMIN is offficial Distributor of InTEST Thermal Solutions in Việt Nam

Since March 2013, EMIN has become a distributor of InTEST Thermal Solutions in Vietnam, expanding its diverse selection of high-end temperature testing and temperature solutions. This cooperation has significantly enhanced EMIN's ability to provide products and services in the field of Calibration - Inspection - Repair industry.


Intest Thermal Solutions (ITS) specializes in designing and producing accurate temperature control systems. They are recognized globally in accurate temperature control and simulating heat engraving temperatures, from -185 to +500*C with rapid transformation. Intest Thermal Solutions includes 4 product brands: Temptronic, Sigma Systems, Thermonics and North Science. Intest Thermal Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of Intest Corp, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA.

With many decades of product development, manufacturing and supplying more than 100,000 heat -controlled heating and cooling systems, they can solve specific requirements of customers:

- Wide temperature range (-185°C to +500°C)

- Fast conversion (up to 50 ° C/sec)

- Cooling solid state, based on compressor, frozen

- Forced temperature, air and liquid environment

- Accurate temperature, high homogeneity

- Extremely high reliability

Thermostream® forced thermal systems, thermal chamber, thermal pedestal and mobile cooling devices provide end users and OEM solutions with high reliability. The network of local service providers and regional service centers around the world ensure support that customers trust.

Combining the design and production activities of standard and custom product businesses, Intest Thermal Solutions provides the perfect combination of capabilities:

- Refrigerate at extremely low temperatures

- Control engineering

- Packaging design

- Flexible production

Quality Policy

Intest Thermal is committed to providing quality products and services that meet and exceed the customer's expectations built on the basis of ISO 9001.

Quality goals:

- On time delivery

- Reduce customer complaints

- Supplier quality

- Internal productivity

- Improving non -stop


Their technical expertise is unmatched. From thermodynamic principles, mechanics, electricity and software to system integration - all are performed internally - they ensure that their temperature systems will operate according to specifications. of cutomer.

Mechanical designs, structural and liquid analysis are made by simulation tools and Solidworks modeling. The simulation process is developed internally, Intest Thermal ensures that devices are suitable for testing applications.

Combining modern technical and material methods, Intest Thermal develops high -performance, reliable heat systems. They are one of the few companies in the world that offers automatic cooling systems, down to -100 ° C.


The ability to produce internal production provides sufficient processes of manufacturing, processing, welding, welding brass, assembling and testing metal to provide on all aspects of the specifications of the system. , testing, acceptance on the spot, delivery and performance.

We provide components in accordance with the design of standard temperature systems.


Temptronic Corporation, the world leader and led the world in terms of local temperature control systems, was founded in 1970. They introduced the concept of supplying temperature that are directly controlled to an exact accuracy for a device. Being tested at the test site or on the test table. For testing equipment, it is an accurate and more convenient alternative to the use of chambers and temperature tanks. The mobility of the system allows customers to combine temperature directly into their tests instead of bringing tests to temperature sources, with much higher control and accuracy than conventional methods.


Sigma Systems, founded in 1956, is famous all over the world with thermal platforms and environmental chambers as an electronic packaging company and custom technique. SIGMA's success is affirmed based on providing solutions suitable to the needs of customers to simulate a stable environment or control equipment to accurate temperatures. Solutions for this application have created a library of designs to provide in the form of standard products.

Thermonics specializes in mobile cooling devices, the temperature from extremely low at -110 ° C to more than 200 ° C. With a cooling capacity of 100W to 50KW using air or liquid cooling, these systems provide accurate and stable temperature control. Based on the expertise in cooling mechanics and liquids for more than four decades, Thermonics provides cooling equipment for industrial applications in semiconductors, energy, production and other markets.

North Science, bought in 2021, called Z-Sciences, designed and manufactured laboratory equipment for biomedical, pharmaceuticals, life science and health care.

Intest Thermal Solutions is an Intest Corporation's thermal product business unit (Intt, NYSE), a public transaction technology company based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA.

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