HIOKI 3441-02 온도 하이스터 (Type K, -100°C~1300°C)

Measurement sensor: Type K thermocouple

Measurement range: -100˚C~1300˚C (-148˚F~2372˚F)

Resolution: 0.1˚C (100.0~199. 9˚C), 1˚C (200~1300˚C)/0.1˚F (-148˚F~392˚F), 1˚F (393˚F~2372˚F)


±0.1% rdg. ±0.8˚C (-100.0~199.9˚C)/±0.1% rdg. ±1.4˚F (-148˚F~392˚F)

±0.2% rdg. ±1˚C (200~1300˚C)/±0.2% rdg. ±1.8˚F (393˚F~2372˚F)

Temperature coefficient: 

0.03˚C/˚C (-100.0~199.9˚C) / 0.05˚F/˚F (-148˚F~392˚F)

0.05˚C/˚C (200~1300˚C) / 0.09˚F/˚F (393˚F~2372˚F)

Sampling rate: 2/second

Display: LCD

Reference contact compensation: Automatic

Operating environment: Indoors, at altitude up to 2000 m

Ambient conditions:

for use: 0 to 40˚C (32˚F to 104˚F), 80% rh or less (non-condensating)

for storage: -10 to 50˚C (14˚F to 122˚F), 80% rh or less (non-condensating)

Applicable standards: 

Safety, EN61010, Pollution level 2

EMC, EN61326

Water resistance: IP54 (EN60529)

Power Supply: 

LR6 alkaline battery ✕ 4

R6P manganese battery ✕ 4

Maximum rated power: 35 mVA

Continuous operating time: 200 hours or more (using manganese batteries)

Dimensions and mass: Approx. 74(W) ✕ 155(H) ✕ 24(D) mm (2.91✕6.10✕0.94 in), approx. 160g (5.6 oz) (not including batteries or probe)

Accessories: R6P manganese battery ✕ 4, Strap band, Instruction manual



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