Basic Specifications: Withstanding Test Section
Testing Voltage: 0 to 2.5 kV / 0 to 5.0 kV AC, dual-range configuration (Average value rectified, effective value display)
500 VA (maximum 30 minutes)
Voltage Setting Method: Manually setting
Waveform: Same as the power supply waveform
Frequency: Same as the power supply frequency
Measurement Range: Current: 0.01 mA to 120 mA, ±(3 % f.s. +20 µA) 2 mA/8 mA/32 mA/120 mA AC (Average value rectified, effective value display)
Basic Specifications: Insulation Test Section
Testing Voltage: 500 V DC/1000 V DC
Measurement Range: 2 M-Ohm to 2000 M-Ohm (500 V), 4 M-Ohm to 2000 M-Ohm (1000 V)
Basic Specifications: General
Judgement Function: Contents: UPPER-FAIL / PASS / LOWER-FAIL (Digital setting window comparator method)
Timer Section: Setting range: 0.5 to 999 seconds
Interfaces: EXT I/O, EXT SW, RS-232C
Display: Fluorescent tube display (digital), Analog meter
Monitor Function: Output voltage, detection current
Power Supply: 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 320 mm(12.60 in)W × 155 mm(6.10 in)H × 330 mm(12.99 in)D
Weight: 18 kg (634.9 oz)
Accessories: 9615 H.V. TEST LEAD (high voltage side and return, 1 each), Power cord (1), spare fuse (1)


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